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Edge of Glory Cover Reveal!

Edge of Glory Cover Reveal!

  The cover is finally here! I literally saw this as a premade by Kassi Snider and had to have it! Do you want this book? Well you’re in luck because it’s available for a special pre-order price of 99 cents! Pre-Order Now: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes ARC Sign Ups: Are you a blogger? Are you interested in receiving an ARC for review? Fill out this form: http://goo.gl/forms/7upFp0Sjny Sneak Peek at Edge of Glory Chapter 1 Some girls have all the luck and some girls spend New Year’s Eve working at their parents’ restaurant. “Order up, Lia.” I turned toward the kitchen just as a wave of steam from a plate of linguini rose up and hit me in the face like a giant, pungent cloud. “Ack.” I vigorously wiped my eyes and hoped I didn’t have dough underneath my fingernails that would blind me. “Sonny, can you warn me next time you are […]

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Magan Some Kind of Love
Nothing is sweeter than love.

Willa Stowe left her small town for the bright lights of New York to follow in the foot steps of her literary idol, Kurt Remington.
She didn't expect that her great apartment was actually a Craigslist scam or that she'd be broke in a new city.
With nowhere else to go, she buys a jar of jam at the Brooklyn flea and relays her story to the lady behind the booth who hires her on the spot. Her first job? Deliver jam to the most eligible bachelor in Brooklyn and the owner of the FO winery, Justin Foster.
Justin spent his years since graduating from college, focusing on building his winery and proving to his blue blood parents that he could build something on his own.
He didn't expect the wide-eyed Midwestern girl to walk into his winery, or to fall head over heels for her.
But when a trip to Justin's parent's family vineyard brings some unexpected guests from his past, Willa and Justin have to find out if this urban businessman and aspiring author can find some kind of love.