Weight Watchers Wednesday: HOW?

Weight Watchers Wednesday: HOW?

  The question I always get asked is HOW? I have two young kids (6 and 4), I work from home with two jobs, my husband works in the city, I have a crazy puppy, and I’m involved with my kids school and sports.   So where does Weight Watchers fit into all of this?   I plan ahead I have to. I actually even started tracking my dinners for the week in the app so I could look them up later and have the recipes handy. I also do Kroger Clicklist shopping, so I have all of the ingredients on my app, add those to my Kroger cart, and when I pick my youngest up from preschool, I swing on over and pick up my groceries. This way I’m not taking time out of my day when I should be working (or you know Facebooking) and wander around the grocery store, convincing myself I […]

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Can a hotshot snowboarder de-ice the ice queen?

At twenty-six, Blake Tremblay is one of the oldest snowboarders in the game. His sights are set on the gold medal, and he knows it’s now or never.

Kelly Johnson has spent her entire life skating and winning. She’s had no time for friends or an active social life, earning her the nickname “Ice Queen” – in and out of the rink.
Blake makes a bet without knowing all the terms. His ego won’t let him back out, even though his target is none other than the American Ice Queen herself.

What are the odds the dreadlocked playboy can warm the frosty figure skater when the real games are unmasked?

Let The Games Begin.

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