First Chapter of The Only Chance!

First Chapter of The Only Chance!

  ღ ღ ღ #ALoveForRomanceRelease ღ ღ ღ A Love for Romance Anthology is LIVE! #OneClickToday for $0.99 15 SBR Media authors coming together to bring an anthology for all readers! ღ ღ ღ Purchase Today ღ ღ ღ iBooks: Amazon Universal: Kobo: B&N: And now for a sneak peek at Trigg and Roni’s story! Chapter 1 Roni Nobody meets their spouse when they’re four-years-old unless they’re living a fairytale. And that’s why I thought my life was. I met Trigg Chapman on the playground on our first day of preschool. His dad was the newly elected state representative and I had no idea that the little boy with sandy brown curls was anything more than the kid who ate his boogers. Then middle school happened. I got boobs. He was the first boy in sixth grade to wear deodorant. It was a match made in gym class heaven. But things changed. After twenty years of knowing each other the mystery was gone. […]

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Remember Sofie and Johnny?

How can you forget Lia's best friend from Edge of Glory or the goofy swimmer Johnny?

If you've read the F*cking Awkward Holiday anthology you also got a little bit more of this fun couple and some naughty against a goat pen.

What happens when two people bump uglies and maybe don't always use protection?

They create future Olympians. That's what happens.

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