Why me and Supergirl are alike

Why me and Supergirl are alike

In complete random Maganness, let’s talk about Supergirl.   So my husband, Twothy, and I are on a kick where we’ve been watching Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and now Supergirl in an order that they all crossover each other. We started watching Supergirl this past week and the latest episode we watched was about Supergirl’s aggression and how to control it. She ended up going off on her boss and was so scared of retaliation. Instead of getting fired, her and her boss went out for drinks. Her boss sat down with her and said “You didn’t yell at me because you’re mad at me. You’re mad at something else and it’s affecting everything. You need to find that one catalyst and then learn to control that.” So I’ve been thinking about this after that episode and I’ve been in a funk for a while. In writing. In publishing. In Momming. In weight […]

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