Why me and Supergirl are alike

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In complete random Maganness, let’s talk about Supergirl.


So my husband, Twothy, and I are on a kick where we’ve been watching Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and now Supergirl in an order that they all crossover each other. We started watching Supergirl this past week and the latest episode we watched was about Supergirl’s aggression and how to control it. She ended up going off on her boss and was so scared of retaliation. Instead of getting fired, her and her boss went out for drinks. Her boss sat down with her and said “You didn’t yell at me because you’re mad at me. You’re mad at something else and it’s affecting everything. You need to find that one catalyst and then learn to control that.”

So I’ve been thinking about this after that episode and I’ve been in a funk for a while. In writing. In publishing. In Momming. In weight loss. Okay basically in life. Then today, I randomly figure it out as I was picking my youngest up from preschool: Competition.

Maybe we aren’t in direct competition in life, but does it ever feel like you are? You’re sitting and talking with a group of people about something and one person goes “Oh I lost five pounds” or “Oh I just published my fifth novel and made enough the first day to cover all my expenses and a paid trip to Disney world!”. None of those have actually happened, but they’re typical conversations. They’re also things that can make you really depressed when you feel like you’re failing at everything.

This might not be uplifting at all to people. You may be reading this and thinking “STFU Magan”, but the point of this was to get out what I was feeling. To start blogging again because you know what? Blogging makes me happy. It isn’t about my competition. It’s about sharing that “Hey, we all have weaknesses”. Mine is that I think I kind of suck at everything right now. But I have Valentines Day parties and a book release in 8 days. So what am I going to do? I’m going to figure out, just like Supergirl because you know we’re the same, my catalyst for these things and how to avoid it.


Up, Up, & Away!

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Super Tuesday – Make Reading Great Again

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Memorial Day Weekend Sale & Fundraiser!

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Edge of Glory Cover Reveal!

Edge of Glory Cover Reveal!

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$3,000 Big Romance Author Spring Giveaway

$3,000 Big Romance Author Spring Giveaway

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