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We’re trying a new feature on the site, my top ten Thursday!

Each Thursday I’ll (try) to post a top ten list. It could be my top ten favorite young adult books, top ten favorite easy recipes, or something like today’s post which is…


My Top Ten Things I cannot write without!


10.) My Alphasmart


If you haven’t seen me post this handy dandy little thing on Instagram or any other social media, well then you haven’t been following me. This battery operated, basically, fancy calculator is portable, light weight, runs on battery power, and is completely distraction fee.  They’re also way cheaper than a computer so it’s okay for me to travel everywhere with it.

You can buy one for under $30 on Amazon including batteries and USB


9.) The Emotion Thesaurus


This is a must-have for any author. Sometimes I get stuck when my character is supposed to feel nervous and I can’t just keep using “I shivered” every single time.

You can get a copy for $4.99 for Kindle or $12 for paperback on Amazon. They also have a ton of other books in that series to check out!

8.) Notebooks


I go through these like crazy because somehow they always end up with pen marks all over them from tiny humans thinking they need them for “Diaries”. I try and do loose outlines when I can or even just take notes when something funny is said.

I like these small ones that can fit in your purse or backpack. Pack of five for $12. 

7.) Sticky notes

I have this thing where I just write myself random notes, not always in my notebook, and stick them on my desk. I especially use these for my “to-do” lists. I try to keep those small so they don’t overwhelm me so usually two big things for my monthly to-do and then about two-three small things a day like “Write 1K. Send emails. Post FB contest”

Yes, I buy in bulk, 12 pads for $5 on Amazon

6.)  Coffee

I have two young kids, a puppy, and a husband who is up every day at 5:30, along with all of the other tiny humans and animals. I couldn’t survive without a cup in the morning and again when writing around like 1:00pm. There’s something about a cup that inspires words.

I make a big pot in the morning, but in the afternoon, I like my K cups and pretend I’m somewhere drinking fancy cappuccino when I’m really too cheap and don’t want to wear real pants to leave my house, so I just order this 42 pack of Sweet and Salty Caramel K cups.

5.) Fun Coffee mug

Eight years ago, I got these two awesome square, red mugs as a shower gift with my red coffee pot. Then Twothy broke both of my favorite mugs and eventually the coffee pot. Since then I’ve been collecting an odd assortment of mugs, whether given my readers, or purchased on Amazon.

One of us also just #oneclicked this one for herself because it was on sale

4.) Flavored Water

I try not to drink too much soda and even though I may end up in the bathroom a lot, I pretty much can’t live without water flavoring. I don’t think Twothy could either since he always steals mine.

Right now, True Lemon is my favorite. I can pretend I’m drinking a cocktail and tell my kids not to touch Mommy’s special water.

3.) Water bottle

What would flavored water be without a water bottle? I always need a big one, even with my little packet of True Lemon, it can still flavor my big ol’ bottle. I’m an old lady and I also like mine with a straw to sit next to me with my cold coffee while I try and bang out a few words.

2.) Baby wipes

Since I do always have coffee, flavored water, and messy children and puppies. I need wipes. Like all the time. For my hands or to blow my nose. My kids may be out of diapers, but we still buy these suckers in bulk on Amazon.

1.) Netflix

I see those judgey eyes. Sometimes I need background noise or inspiration by watching hours of Criminal Minds. Annnnd, Netflix also has a ton of documentaries and other shows that help when I need to research different places.


So what do you think of this list? Anything you would add?



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