Weight Watchers Wednesday: NSV

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The first time I saw that I assumed it was a variation of “Not safe for work”. Turns out it’s not. It means “Non-scale victory.”


What is a non-scale victory? A goal you’ve hit, even if you didn’t know you had it, with weight loss and getting healthy.



When I started Weight Watchers, as I said in my first post, it was a little bit about vanity but a big reason was my health. As a girl who has always had an average blood pressure of 90/70, even while pregnant, seeing it as 170 in April was an eye opener.

A month after I started WW, it went down to 150.

Now, in October, I went to the doctor and it’s finally down to a normal level of 124. Not only that my cholesterol and blood sugar are also in normal range!

What does this mean? And why do I go to the doctor so much?

Because of my abnormal numbers in April they did put me on different diet pills to help lose weight. Because of that I had to go to the doctor every month for weight checks even after going off the pills. This was my big six month check up since April and this was the appointment that would decide if I had to go on cholesterol medication.


I am on Metformin for my Polycystic ovary syndrome and have been for ten years now, even with one ovary. It’s also supposed to help people with diabetes. This is something that the doctor and I will discuss when I meet with him next month.


Along with this post, I was going to post pictures of my old clothes I’ve been able to fit into and the happy tears I shed. But I also had to look at myself and how I feel.

Before I started back on Weight Watchers, I was really depressed. Anyone who was losing weight, I was pissed at. Like “Why not me? I’m not going to starve myself to look like them so I’ll just be fat and have my cake.”

I had so many people that gave me diet advice, people who honestly had no business giving it themselves, and that made me even more cranky.

So I’m not here to tell you about going down a pants size or what fits. My biggest non-scale victory is my health, which was my overall goal in this. Because of my family history, obesity, depression, and heart problems are something I have to keep a constant eye on. And being in my thirties, it’s harder and harder to take off this weight and keep it off.

I’m not fighting to be the skinniest or the girl with the best booty. I’m fighting to stay healthy so I can be around for my family and everyone I care about. That is the greatest non-scale victory of them all.


Any questions on my NSV?

What are yours?



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  1. Rhani

    Congrats! NSV are so important and helps you realize you are doing things right! I can’t wait to read more of your journey!

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