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So I’m trying something new with blogging and going to TRY (you know when all of this Mom-ing and working stuff doesn’t get in the way) to have a new #Momlife post every Monday.


Today, we’re gonna talk Halloween since that’s TOMORROW. And how many of us may or may not have a costume for their kid?

Or maybe your kid picked out this awesome Moana costume but now it’s pouring and only twenty degrees outside but they’re crying to go out?

I asked some friends about this and they said “Oh, we didn’t have that experience in North Texas and usually we just put on leggings and a long sleeve shirt under their costume.”

Well, guess who has freeze warnings? Yup… That’s us…

Growing up in Illinois more than once I’ve had a “wear to school” costume and something that would resemble an eskimo to wear while freezing my toes off and trick or treating around the neighborhood. Luckily my mom had a lot of random excess clothes for me to layer on and somewhat call it a costume.

So now, mom’s, pour yourselves a glass of wine and pull up to your computer while I give you some ideas for last minute warm costumes that you don’t have to get Pinterest-ey for and if needed me you can use Amazon prime to have next day delivery or just make your kids rummage through the closet so you can finish your Pinot.


The Fortune Teller

One year I was supposed to be Jasmine from Alladin. Well it poured, so Mom wouldn’t let me go out in just my Jasmine costume and Jasmine looked stupid in my ugly green park (I SAID IT, MOM, I HATED THAT PARKA). So after a lot of tears, Mom and I compromised and she made me a last minute fortune teller.

Photo from Pixababy (cuz we know I was a chubby and definitely not working it that well as a fortune teller). My look was achieved with a large purple trench coat of my mother’s (it was the early 90’s), a head scarf, and a shit-ton of bracelets and necklaces.

And, HEY, if you don’t have a purple trench coat, but have Amazon Prime, they do have a two pack of purple poncos for $12 that can be re-used http://amzn.to/2gMVX9e



A Pinterest photo gem. I’d probably be the lazy mom and just find head to Wal-Mart, pick up some of the small avery labels (a pack is like $5) and have the kid stick them all over a green sweatsuit (or the ugly green park their mom bought on sale and made them wear.)

You can get a pack of 1000 return address labels on Amazon for $ 8 http://amzn.to/2gLTk7u


Michael Phelps



Who could forget the infamous “Phelps face”? Certainly not me.

A hoodie, some headphones, if you’re feeling really craft a bunch of gold medals, and some goggles. Wallah!


The classic cat/mouse/ animal.


I think I’ve been this one more times than I can count. If you feel like leaving the house, the Dollar Tree has a set with black cat ears, a tail, and a bow tie. If you don’t feel like leaving the house, some black paper cut into triangles glued on a headband or attached to a hood work just as well. Grab some eyeliner for the nose and whiskers and you’re good to call it a night!


Old Person



This also works for kids 100 days of school. Also a great use of that ugly green parka, MOM.

Curlers or hair in a bun for an old lady little girl. Some pearls. Glasses. And if you’re really feeling really fancy, draw some wrinkle lines.

For the boys, you know you have an old free Bank truckers cap around, draw some wrinkle lines and he looks just like great uncle Al.


Bonus points for sensible shoes and fanny packs!


Well, you’ve got some choices, and if your kids don’t like it, tell them I guess all of their candy is going to be yours!


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