A new look. A Happily Ever After.

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I’ve been doing this author thing for almost seven years now.

I’ve written stories in almost every genre and my brand has been, well, lets just say it’s been all over the place.

So, as I tried to finally get organized I sat and thought “what do all of my books have in common?”

By sat, I mean this came to me in the shower, which all of my best ideas do, like when I decided that strawberries on fluffer nutters would be a great idea.

But anyway…

Back to books.

So I have everything from YA love stories featuring aliens to survivors overcoming political barriers and even some male strippers thrown in there with a side of swimmers who walk into small Texas towns.

It might not seem like these all have much in common. Yes, some of these books deal with real deep issues, even if there are some laughs.

But most importantly, even if its’ part of a series, all of my books have that happily ever after.

I truly believe, that no matter how dark a time has been, there will be a happily ever after. Whether that’s in fiction or in real life.

It’s no secret a few of my books have dealt with my own struggles, and writing them in their own right was my therapy. That step I needed to create my own happily ever after.

For anyone who wants to read my books or who has read them, I want them to know that even in the darkest of times, there can be a happily ever after. There can be more.



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