Some Kind of Love

Posted March 4, 2019 by Magan Vernon in news / 0 Comments

I hopped off the plane at JFK with a dream and my MacBook.
Only to have my dreams squandered and end up soaking my sorrows with bread and jam at the local flea market.
I must have been pretty pathetic for the jam maker to give me a job and a place to stay.
But my luck definitely turned around when my first delivery was to a local winery owner, Justin Foster.

My life has always been about going against what my blue-blooded family wanted.
So opening a winery in Brooklyn was definitely the last thing they expected.
Or when I sort of kind of walked away from the woman they wanted me to marry.
But if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be staring at wide-eyed Willa Stowe as she delivers jams to my business.

Now just to see if we can make it work and as long as no exes get in the way, maybe we’ll find some kind of love.
(Originally part of The Remington’s Kindle World, names and locations have been changed, but the story is still the same.)

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