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Vernon Family Movie Night: Peter Pan

Posted April 27, 2018 by Magan Vernon in Mom Life / 1 Comment


I know, I’m behind on posting these, but #life …

And since people do really seem to love these Family Movie Nights, I’m going to try and get some more posted today that I have a back log on.

A big question I get about these movie nights is where do I find the movies?

There are some I can rent from Amazon or Redbox but Disney likes to do this thing called “The Vault” where they pull their movies then end up re-releasing them years later. Which means it’s harder to get some of them, like for example, Peter Pan.

I may have all of these old movies on VHS at my parents’ house, but my parents may be the only people left with a VHS player.

So, naturally, this means I end up renting a ton from the library when I go in there for my weekly stack of books.

And the library is where we found PETER PAN !


So let’s start with dinner. One of my easier ones, actually!




I found some Jolly Roger flags and printed them, then cut them before spearing them through a kabob stick to go through our hot dogs, like a pirate ship.

The pretzel cannon balls…well I let the girls help me and they put WAY too much salt and honestly weren’t what I wanted them to be. I’d suggest just buying frozen pretzel balls or even cheese blls.

The golden treasure dip was literally just a can of Rotel and some Velveeta. Helped with the bland saltiness of these pretzel balls.


My brilliant idea this time was to combine a dessert and craft.

We took ice cream cones, frosting, pretzels, and sprinkles all on a plate.

To make it easier, I took a big plastic spoon full of frosting and plopped it on each plate so it could be used for spreading then poured the sprinkles next to it. We each spread frosting on the top, bottom, added some pretzels to the top and wallah! Teepee!


After Teepees it was time for our sword fight


So I thought it would be fine to trace the swords on card stock and realized they were flimsy so I recommend using cardboard. Then put on a good fight mix so you can keep it short and get to movie watching. This was the one we found to use.

Then of course, movie time, which my five and seven year old both loved!

We have some more Disney movie nights coming up as we count down our trip to Disney world so if you have any suggestions, post them below!

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