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Weight Watchers Wednesday – The quick and the dirty

Posted January 3, 2018 by Magan Vernon in fitness, Mom Life, weight watchers / 0 Comments


Since I’ve been pretty vocal about my weight loss with Weight Watchers lately (thirty-seven pounds down as of 12-31-17!) I thought I should get better about posting my Weight Watchers Wednesday.

I’ve posted on some non-scale victories and how I got started.

I thought about posting more recipes or some things about freestyle.

Then I thought “Let’s post about what we really care about…how to do this the easy way.”

The quick and the dirty

You know how with every healthy lifestyle there is always the “try a healthy alternative” option?

Well, yanno, sometimes I just want the real thing instead of taking an hour to make a gluten free, cheese free, vegan pepperoni pizza. And you know what?


Here are some of my quick and dirty little secrets for things like fast food, drinking and PIZZA

So, here’s the situation. You can make your own pizza using Ole wraps (one point each), or you could order a pizza or go to CiCi’s or Chuckie Cheese if you’ve had a long week and you just want to load your kids up on pizza and games.

A piece of one-topping pizza (regular or thin crust) is anywhere from 6-9 points a slice. But who stops at just one?

Well…actually…I do.

My secret?

Believe it or not, everytime we either order a delivery pizza or go out, I make sure to load up on salad first.

Yes, I know, salad, gross. But if you load a salad with chicken or shrimp, eggs, vegetables, and even beans, before dressing it’s zero points! And I dont know about you but a salad with shrimp and eggs sounds amazing.

Not all places do have salads, but I know for sure if you go to Cici’s or Chuckie Cheese they do have a great salad bar.

And with a little internet search I found that Dominoes has salad you can order with your pizza delivery and so does Marcos


Now what about fast food?

I have two young kids and sometimes when we’re out all day or I’m on a deadline, I’m asking my hubs to just pick us all up Mcdonalds or Sonic.

I have ordered salads from these places, but as a good friend once told me “Ordering a salad from Mcdonalds is like giving a huge to a hooker.”

And seriously, I can’t drive or run around while eating a big salad. So I have to come up with other options.

When I go to Sonic, I usually end up ordering a kids meal.

The breakdown on that is: 2 piece chicken strips – 6 points, tots – 6 points, and a Diet Cherry limeade for 0.

So 12 points is a lot, especially now that I only get 23 points a day. But it’s better than a 26 point cheeseburger with large tots for 19.

Now for McDonalds

The bane of all Mom’s existence.

But you know what? Sometimes a mama has to take her kids to this place and let them run around the play area so they can get work done or just sit and not have them yell “MOM” every two seconds.

McDonalds is a little bit harder, but there are things you can get just for sitting there, like a zero point Diet Coke or a 4 point medium non-fat latte.

If you want to actually eat, the southwest salad with dressing and chicken is 6 points (but again…salad).

If I want breakfast (which they serve all day) I can get an egg mcmuffin or egg whtie delite for 7 points.

Or like a good adult, I go for the happy meal. 4 piece nuggets are five points. Fries are 4 points. So 8 for a kids meal and you’ll get a toy!


Those may not be the answers you were looking for…

But sometimes we have to make sacrifices for our health and when you really look at the points of some of these places and food, I dont know about you but I get sick just looking at a 48 point value on a Sonic shake (literally that’s two days worth of food for a dessert!)

Any other questions? What are your “quick and dirty food tricks?”


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